Goddess Course Week 12

Justice/The World Card/ISIS



  • This is our final week of the course.  If you have completed at least 80% of the course work, you have completed a lot of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual work over the last 12 weeks which more than likely have created a lot of changes in your life. Part of this Goddess training, we’ve worked on mental training about our body image, confidence, feeling like a goddess, and creating more wealth. By now I hope you feel you have grown as person, a woman, and a spiritual being from doing this deep work on all these different levels.  
  • This part of the course connects to the World Card and the Justice Card in the Tarot.  This week connects to the World Card because we are coming into completion of our journey, the end of a cycle, feeling whole, complete, and moving into spiritual evolution.  This week also connects to the Justice card because all the work we have been doing over the last 12 weeks has helped us come closer to our truth, rationality, clarity and wisdom.  It is from this juxtaposition of these cards and connection to the Goddess Isis that create powerful and transformational shifts in life that help elevate us to our next stage in life. 


  • Isis is coming to guide you, she is said to be the most powerful Goddess, with the power of flight, Divine Love and Rebirth... She is connected to spirit, and aids you in coming to your next step of spiritual evolution. She lands in your room kneeling.  She emanates light from her heart and projects to you your life through the lens of love.. She shows you your life starting from childhood, what you struggled with, what you accomplished, and you growing into a teenager. She shows you your high school years through the lens of love in both your hardships and your victories.  She brings you into adulthood and opens your heart in more fully to your own personal struggles and the accomplishments that have made your heart sing.  She shows you all this lovingly. She tells you that you have come far, and you need to connect with your heart deeply as she asks you a series of questions.  She says the answers will help you move forward to your next of spiritual evolution to give you the wings you'll need to fly there. She tells you to be honest and look into your heart. You will see truth and it will set you free. 
  • Meditative Journaling 

      • Meditate on each question for about 5-10 min and then journal what comes up for you. You can place a hand on your heart if that helps you connect deeply to your heart here. Or you can imagine Isis is touching your heart center allowing it to open and show your what you need to see. You can always add more time for each question if needed 
        • 1. Divide your life into three phases 
        • Take your age now and divide it by three 
        • Draw 3 columns on a piece of paper 
        • (For example if you’re 36, (which I am) 
        • Yours would be,  36/3 = 12 
        • So I would my life into 3 sections of 12, 
        • Draw 3 columns 
        • 1st column at the top write ages 0-12 
        • 2nd column at the top write ages 13 - 24
        • 3rd column at the top write ages 25-36 )
        • Write 2-3 accomplishments you are most proud of yourself 
        • These can physical, emotional, mental or spiritual accomplishment
        • You can also include big life events, both good or bad 
        • So you can see your own arc 
        • Of your challenges, and successes
        • 2. Looking at this list, how do you think that you’ve grown
        • Physically, emotional or spiritually 
        • What really makes you proud about looking at this ? 
        • 3. Over the last 12 weeks how do you feel that you’ve grown, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spirituality? 
        • 4. Are there any values that seem to stand out to you in either or both of these last two questions? Are these new values that you’ve just integrated into your life, or are these values that you’ve stayed true to over time? 
        • 5. After you finish this Goddess course, what do you believe is next stage for you in this life? 

After finishing this exercise, 

Isis puts her hand loving on the back of your heart and says, 

  • "We have Risen Together Beautiful Goddess. You have now been Initiated into the Temple. 

  • Welcome. "