Climbing the Rocks in Joshua Tree

I’m grateful that I explored Joshua Tree Park this past weekend, despite the mid-day sun turning my shoulders a bit crispy from lack of sunscreen. (It’s a good idea out here!) Although the Jumbo Rocks Campground was busy with people, I was surprised once I hiked around the rocks, there still were areas that I could traverse and see no one. Beautiful rock formations, open sweeping sky vistas, it still feels unique, and other worldly even after over a year of living in the area. 

Later, I surprised myself by doing some bouldering, and climbing conditioning. I noticed there was a parallel between the climbing and living life. The scary parts of being out on a ledge seem to mirror my fears I had about taking bold moves in my own life; fear of getting stuck without help, making the wrong move, and the unknown (snakes?*, haha.)


The feeling of accomplishment of making it up to a high rock, seemed to stir up accomplishments I felt in my life that made me proud. I was glad about my yoga classes and my meditations that connect to the Earth, becoming a better communicator, and sharing compassion. 


I was grateful for this experience, and for being the park on a beautiful day, and connecting to simple pleasures like sitting on a warm glittery rock on a sunny day. 


If you’re going into the National Park, remember it’s good to have the following for a day or weekend trip: 

Plenty of Gas in Your Car (for where you are going) 

Plenty of water



(Maps are at the visitor stations or when you come into the park)


Great travels to you. 


*I actually had seen a few rattlesnakes on my very first journey into the park, but hadn’t seen a single one in the park since.