The Sustainable Living Documentary 

Trinity Wave, filmmaker talks about the "SUSTAINABLE LIVING DOCUMENTARY" featuring natural building, sustainable agriculture, and community connection at WWOOFing sites around the US. 


Welcome. I’ve spent several months from September to December 2021 filming for the Sustainable Living Documentary.  Now the fun part comes in, the editing! I have a list of items needed to continue working on editing, and post production. 

Please read them over, let me know if you have any to donate or donate any amount to help me buy these items.  I’d really appreciate it!  These costs would go towards the costs of editing, producing, and sharing  “The Sustainable Living Documentary”!


Video editing software est.= $360 

Go Pro to shoot updates - $300 (with an accessory)

New Tripod - $50

New computer - $1500

External hard drive - $100

2 New SD Cards (128 GB) - $54

Video Editing Assistant

$3000/over 12 months = $250 /month

Total for Editing = $5364


Post Production Costs

Projector (to show the film) - $300

Print Marketing for the film - $200/ year


Applying for Film Festivals - $50 /entry

for 5-6 submissions


Miscellaneous Costs - $300-400

Post Production Total = 1,150

Editing + Post Production = $6,514

+ Travel Expenses - $3,800

             Total = $10,314

Total Approx. Estimate for Film Production Costs


Costs Estimates for Editing and Post Production of

Sustainable Living Documentary 

Please consider what kind of world you'd like to live in and if it is a more sustainable world, please donate to bring the "The Sustainable Living Documentary" into the World and shared with others.