Why Yoga is a Great First Step

in Changing our Bodies

and our Lives

Don’t know how to start exercising?

Think you need to just go to the gym and do whatever the personal trainer says?

That way may not work for everyone.

I know I've tried it in the past.  


Yoga is a great way to start working out, and it can propel you forward in your goals in health, fitness, and a better life. 


Bringing together breath and movement helps gain a more keen understanding of the body.  With a better understanding of how the breath and body move together, this helps set you up for success in other fitness endeavors, such as dancing and strength training.  It’s almost as if yoga is the foundation to start transforming the body, mind, and spirit. It also sets you up for success because it improves strength in the stabilizing muscles and also improves flexibility, which is a powerful combination and also helps prevent injury.


The word “Yoga” translated means, “to yoke”, in other words “union”.  By doing yoga, the body, mind, and spirit connect together and life can flow in more unison. 


In doing yoga, one also learns about themselves. By connecting intuitively to oneself, higher ideas, thoughts, and pathways can begin to open up.  Not sure about your next steps in life?  Ask for a path to be shown through your yoga practice, and I believe a path will eventually be shown to you.  One gets to choose if they will walk on this path. 


Yoga asana (posture) can be the foundation on the path of transformation. Coming to the mat can many times feel like coming home. Over time, the more one practices yoga, the more easily one can intuitively know how to perform asanas that support balance and other practices on how to regulate one’s energy.  


You don’t have take a yoga certification course to start getting all of these benefits, although one could. Even doing 10 minutes of yoga a day begins to set you for success in building the foundation.  And once the 10 minute practice becomes easy, one can start adding more time. I recommend doing a practice in the morning, it is a beautiful way to start the day, getting more in alignment with the breath, the body, and spirit. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, then pick it up when it makes sense, perhaps right after work when low back is needing some attention. Ten minutes of yoga can do wonders for the body, and improving mood. 


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