My Favorite Sustainable Paper Products!

I consider myself someone who loves nature. I like trees. Trees are a great source of oxygen for us, they create shade for us, and are homes for birds. 


I also went to college for environmental science. Which is why I love finding products that both help my life and are considerate in reducing harm done to our planet in the process. 


I prefer to use products that don’t use clear cutting practices (which could be described as, “deforestation”), that is, going in and taking out a whole section of all of the trees in an area. This is something that has been done in the past for using lumber for building, paper making, furniture, and potentially other materials.  This practice can be harmful to the ecosystem, and the animals that have used the habitat for their home.  


Some things I like to look for in sustainable paper products are:


Made from recycled paper? Fully or partially?

Made from a sustainable regenerative plant? (Bamboo, hemp, sunflowers, etc.?)

Is it compostable? (Will it biodegrade easily?) 

Is it Forest Stewardship Council Certified?


 And now onto the list of my Favorite Products from Sustainable Paper Products*

I mentioned before my love for my recycled legal pads, I’ve used these pretty much daily over the past year.  I love these to help keep track of what I want to get done each day. Generally, I create my list the night before to get me prepared for the following day.  Click on the picture below for link to find them online, they also carry them in Staples stores.**

Minitra - Journals from 100% Recycled Paper 

I love these Minitra journals from recycled paper! Their hard covers are made from recycled Kraft paper (which I like to draw or paint on, (also good for stickers).  The paper is from sugarcane, and the lines in the journals are made from vegetable oil inks. 

Find them here. 

Compostable wipes

I love these Eco Naty compostable wipes. I use them to remove make up, clean up the body, and feel fresh. I feel good knowing that this wipe can biodegrade and can go back into the earth safely. With the link below you can get a 3 pack, so they last a while. 

Find them here. 


The Forest Stewardship Council Certified Products

Printer Paper 

I was excited to find a printer paper with a heavier weight for printing flyers that supported responsible forestry. This one is Forest Stewardship Council Certified, which claims to not support deforestation, partners with NGOs, and support indigenous peoples. I’m excited to hear that work is being done around this.*

If this is something you are interested in, check out more about the Forest Stewardship Council,

Check out the printer paper on amazon, here.


Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly Planner

I love this Planner!Great for keeping your appointments in order, planning vacations!


I hope this helps you! I'd like to leave you with a quote from a Native America saying, 

"The earth does not belong to (us); (we) belong to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected."

Be well. 


Trinity Wave


*This list was created on 4/26/23, from paper items I have used within the last 3 years.  I am trusting that the “Forest Stewardship Council” is doing accurately what they have claimed to do as far as ethical certification methods go.  However, I’m just learning about it and can’t say that I have any evidence yet to support these claims. 

** This was the case as of 4/26/23