21 Day Workout Challenge

Are you a woman ready to feel good in your body? 

Give yourself the gift of getting more healthy and fit body this Spring! 

This 21 Day Challenge includes:


Core Workouts


Fitness Classes


And all you need for this Challenge is:

A Yoga Mat,  A Gmail Account to View the Activity Calendar (easy to create), and internet access. 


What are the time commitments like daily? 

With workouts that only last an Average of 25 min, this program is easy to fit into any type of lifestyle! 

You get to choose what time of the day you want to complete your daily planned workout from the calendar.  Typical activities for the day last approximately 30-33 minutes, some days being a little more. 


The Next Challenge Starts -- Nov. 13th

21 Days to a healthier  body! Challenge yourself to a daily dance or fitness class with a 21 Day fitness calendar. 

Each day has an engaging and dynamic fitness video to help you tone and shape up!


The challenge runs 11/13-12/3. 


What you Get: 

Planned workout/activity calendar with at least one fitness/health video from Trinity connected to each day for 21 days! (calendar sent via email)

Classes included: Bellydance, Dance, Yoga, Strength, Meditation, Core strength and more! 



Standard pricing for this Challenge $97. 

Sale Price - 11/4-11/7 - $49

A small amount to jumpstart your healthy  body! 

Imagine feeling in tune with your strong, healthy body. 


Sliding scale options are available, please Contact Trinitywavedesigns@gmail.com  if you need financial aid in order to access this opportunity.