Attract new Customers to your shop with a Mural

By: Trinity Wave

Many brick and mortar businesses do the same old marketing tactics: basic shop signs, print advertisement in the local papers, and sandwich boards on the street. What can really give your business a different look and especially, a different feel in the hearts and minds of your new potential customers? 


Murals attract new customers for years to come. 


Consider what colors, shapes, or images attract your target market. How do you want your customers to feel when they think about your business and the services you provide?  


You can hire a local muralist to design and paint a mural on your building for generally a fraction of the cost to lease a billboard advertisement for a year. Billboards or newspapers are time specific marketing, once the mural is complete, it continues to pay for itself over the life of the business. 


If your business is located on a street where cars or foot traffic go by, everyday there is an opportunity to attract new customers with a mural.  If your business’ mural looks attractive and gives them a good feeling when they go by, then customers will automatically be more interested in shopping with your business in the future.