Brands I love 

for Sustainability, Vegan Ethics, and Humanitarian Efforts

Buddha Pants


Jumpers and pants that are great for a breezy easy going day, versatile, fun, flow-y, and FASHIONABLE! 

Love rocking these prints!


As a dancer and a practitioner of Thai Massage I love to be able to wear clothes that I can wear all day.  For those of who don’t know what Thai Massage is, it’s like assisted yoga, where someone is doing yoga for you. You just get to relax and enjoy! 


I will be teaching Partner Thai Massage Class at Floyd Yoga Jam, this Labor Day weekend.


Check out more styles here…

Wolven Threads 

Sustainable Fashion Alert!

Wolven creates beautiful bright bras, tops, and leggings from recycled plastic.  Wow. Yes. I love it. (Sigh of relief). 

They also commit to picking up at least one pound of plastic out of the ocean for each item sold. I love this! As a mermaid myself, (maybe you can tell from my artwork), I feel very connected to keeping our waters clean and healthy for this generation and for future generations.  Wolven organizes beach clean ups, their next one being in California.


If interested find out more about their sustainability values here.


Save 15% with the code: WINDINYOURSALES

Natierra Cocao 


I love Cocao! In the winter, I love curling up with a vegan hot chocolate, and in the summer I love Chocolate Smoothies (check out my Chocolate Smoothie Recipe). Natierra partners with The Convey of Hope to give one needy child a meal in Haiti with each product sold.

Earth Shoes 


Fashionable vegan shoes are like unicorns in the shoe department.

I love my Earth Sandals.

Fashionable, Comfortable, Vegan Leather- Seeming Shoes!   Amazing.  


ME in my Earth Shoes outside (Pictured Left)


Website: Earth Shoes

Third Eye Tapestries 

This company prints other artists artwork on their tapestries. At least 30% of sales goes directly to the artist, which is good compared to other printing-on-merchandise websites. They also print custom tapestries. I love the way they look, feel, and that they are machine washable. I have gotten my own tapestry printed on a Third Eye Tapestry,

(see picture of me at Playthink 2021 - on the Right).

They also partner with a charity, called ASTEP, that helps connects artists to underserved populations to improve creativity and quality of life, which I think is a beautiful way to help out.

If you like this tapestry, please email Third Eye Tapestries and tell them that you would like to see them carry “Lotus Light” on their website.  Email.

Visit website here for more info: Third Eye Tapestries