3 Months of Filming the Sustainable Living Documentary 

It All Started With A Dream

It even seems like a surreal beautiful dream now after completion.  Three months ago, on September 11th, I set out with a GoPro and a dream of capturing sustainable living on camera.  I traveled to Organic Farms, Sustainable Learning Centers, and Urban Farms to film natural and alternative buildings, a variety of sustainable agriculture models, and ways of living more in harmony with the Earth.  I also stopped at some National Parks along the way for photography, art, and dance! Well, I am a dancer and artist so it was inevitable. 

Trinity Wave crosses fingers in prayer that everything goes ok during this documentary.

Why Create a Sustainable Living Documentary?

My inspirations for taking on documentary on sustainable living were many.  First and Foremost, my love for the Earth and a desire to find the people who were living sustainably, and also to be able to share the knowledge, experience and beauty with those interested.  I got a degree in environmental science and over the past few years I’d been dreaming up ways where I could express my understanding of environmental systems to folks, so this idea seemed to align in that path.  Simultaneously, I found myself in a place where I desperately wanted to live more sustainably myself. I was feeling spiritually drained from working on remodeling bathroom in the home I was living in, as I wished and wondered if there was other ways to do live more harmoniously with the planet.  I had to look into myself and ask if the path I was on, becoming a wife in a suburban house was really what I truly wanted for my life.  Probably most importantly, I love feeling connected to the Earth, and it’s this connection that I could see improving people’s lives in so many ways.  Lastly, part of my soul had been calling out to the Southwest to explore new possibilities, to create art, and connect with the land and the peoples. 

What were the results of the documentary expedition?  

Talk about hitting the jackpot, so many times over! I made some tentative plans before leaving but didn’t have all the details ironed out when I set out, so some of it happened on the fly. The urban garden in New Orleans creates a community fridge for the neighbors in need. I accidentally found a Sustainable Learning Center in Texas, the day before I arrived there, where they’ve held workshops on building domes.  

Next I found a community land trust in New Mexico interested in reawakening the indigenous spirit.  I found hope, peace, and deep connection to the land there. They grow corn, beans, and squash traditional foods of the Americas. They have places to foster connection, do workshops, learn herbalism, and learn skilled trades.  

In California, I learned about Earthships and sustainable off-grid living with solar panels. In Arizona, I got to be involved in a crew of 6 people building a foundation of an experimental cob building.

Plans Hopes and Dreams

I hope to have the documentary editing completed by the end of 2022. The plan is to connect with colleges, to show the documentary and hold QnA sessions about the film. If you have any connections to colleges that may be interested in showing the film after completion let me know!


I’m also brewing up a non-profit, “Sustainable Living Center” that provides education on natural building and sustainable practices as well as provides holistic services to the community, which I am hoping for non-profit status for this organization before the end of 2022. I hope to be able to help organize and/or be involved with natural building workshops in the coming year. I plan to do an internship in NM at the community land trust in the Spring. I’d love to help out with the experimental cob building again in Arizona.


So grateful for all the beautiful and inspirational people I’ve met along this journey, and all the beautiful lands I’ve got to see and connect with. I hope that this documentary will spread education, inspiration to connect more deeply with the land, and facilitate new connections.

Please consider what kind of world you'd like to live in and if it is a more sustainable world, please donate to bring the "The Sustainable Living Documentary" into the World and shared with others. 

Natural Building

They called it “Feeding the snake”.


It was an Early October sunny Friday morning a crew of 6 spent the morning working together to complete one - 33 ft. section of earthbag foundation for an experimental cob structure.  This building will be an eco-friendly bathroom and library for guests staying at the Eco-farm.  The bathroom will contain a humanure system (compost for solid human waste) and separate system for liquid waste, a sink, and back shelves for library. 


A cob building is made from Earth, sand, straw and water together in a monolithic (1 piece) structure (like a piece of pottery). Adobe is similar to cob but made into bricks. 





A humanure system can conserve water and create more fertilizer for soil. 


Building with cob can be fun, and draws similarities to building a sand castle. There is still much work to do on this experimental building a short drive from Bisbee, AZ, which will also contain a framed wall with post/beam, a straw bale wall (which will be plastered), and a solar roof.  


When mixing cob, you will need: 

- Earth - subsoil - soil that has been harvested from underneath top-soil 

- Sand 

- Straw

- Water to mix 

- Something to mix it on or in (tarp, etc.)


The consistency should be to that of bread dough.  Can be mixed with the feet by stepping on it .


If you are interested in joining a cob build - visit - 42 Spirits Eco-Farm on Facebook

Or consider joining the Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers -(WWOOF) WWOOFusa.org

Brands I love 

for Sustainability, Vegan Ethics, and Humanitarian Efforts

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As a dancer and a practitioner of Thai Massage I love to be able to wear clothes that I can wear all day.  For those of who don’t know what Thai Massage is, it’s like assisted yoga, where someone is doing yoga for you. You just get to relax and enjoy! 


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Wolven Threads 

Sustainable Fashion Alert!

Wolven creates beautiful bright bras, tops, and leggings from recycled plastic.  Wow. Yes. I love it. (Sigh of relief). 

They also commit to picking up at least one pound of plastic out of the ocean for each item sold. I love this! As a mermaid myself, (maybe you can tell from my artwork), I feel very connected to keeping our waters clean and healthy for this generation and for future generations.  Wolven organizes beach clean ups, their next one being in California.


If interested find out more about their sustainability values here.


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