About Trinity Wave

Trinity Wave is an environmentalist, who loves to create and inspire with works of art, dance, and design. 


Values: Compassion, Sustainability, and Creativity

Compassion: Trinity believes true compassion involves respecting and honoring life in all forms, plant, animal, and human lives.  

Sustainability:  Trinity Wave Designs views sustainability as a critical component to how we as humans continue living on this planet, and what we are leaving behind for future generations. Trinity Wave produced a documentary, "The Sustainable Living Documentary" in 2022, to demonstrate valuable information about natural buildings, permaculture, and community connection. 

Creativity:  Trinity Wave believes creativity has the power to change lives. Everyone is intrinsically connected to nature, a powerful creator. Everyone has the power to create a life they love.  She enjoys bringing creativity into her dance, videos, and designs. 

Photo Credit: Mark Grayson

Trinity Wave at the Booth with Adam Prader