About Me

Trinity Wave is an environmentalist, who loves to create and inspire with works of art, dance, and design. 

Trinity Wave graduated with a degree in Environmental Science from Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA.  After spending some time in the environmental education world, she wanted to express her emotional and spiritual connections to nature through the art of painting. Through painting, she hopes to inspire others to love and respect our planet, its creatures, and one another. 

Trinity's dance journey began in 2017, and she has been dancing in numerous forms ever since.  Trinity enjoys performing Bellydance Fusion which includes aspects of bellydance, ballet, latin styles, and other world dances.  She is also experienced in a variety of fire spinning props, including, poi, fire fans, palm torches, and staff.

Trinity started fashion design in 2017 and has designed and created pieces of apparel including bras, up-cycled hip belts, skirts, gloves, and numerous accessories.  She turned her love of design into visual graphic design by turning sketches into computerized graphics such as exciting logos, flyers, and graphics. 

Values: Compassion, Sustainability, and Creativity


Compassion: Trinity believes true compassion involves respecting and honoring life in all forms, plant, animal, and human lives.  As keepers of this beautiful planet, she believes it is our responsibility to care for plants, animals and our fellow humans with dignity and respect. When we make choices that respect both human life and the life of our planet, we create harmony between plants, animals, and humans.


Sustainability:  Trinity Wave Designs views sustainability as a critical component to how we as humans continue living on this planet, and what we are leaving behind for future generations.  For Trinity Wave, the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse model is paramount for sustainability.  Trinity Wave Designs utilizes post recycled materials whenever possible for merchandise, shipping, and printing. For example, the Mermaid Rising Stickers, envelope packages for prints, and the paper for invoice orders are all made from 100% post recycled materials.  


Creativity:  Trinity Wave believes creativity has the power to change lives. Every human is innately a creator.  Everyone has the ability to nurture their creativity (no matter how dormant).  Everyone has the power to create a life they love.  She enjoys bringing creativity into her dance, videos, and designs.