Embody Your Goddess 

12 week online course

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please read these order for best understanding of the course


1. Are the workouts live fitness classes? 


Most of the course is pre-recorded videos set on daily activities calendar for the 90 days of the course. For each day there are Daily Activities hyperlinks to the video.   Once the Goddess Initiate is in the course, it’s easy to go to that day’s activity video(s).  Generally, reminder daily emails. 


Some days may have just one activity, some days may have more, if curious about the energy levels for these activities (see the next question). 


2. What is the energy level needed for workouts? 


The course is designed so that participants can start slowly with the workouts and gaining in  momentum (and energy output) in doing workouts by the second month, and then decrease momentum generally in the last month, however, the last week does include some fun performance aspects. (Kind of looks like a bell shaped curve). 


3. How is the course structured? 


There is a weekly spiritual development portion each week with includes a ritual and/or journaling exercise.  This is offered at the beginning of each week. Goddess initiates can choose to do the ritual at the same time, or can listen to it, or plan on another time to do it at another time during that week. 


If a Goddess initiate is following the structure of the course, ideally she would plan out her week in the beginning of the week with the daily activities scheduled for that week. This way she  would have a general idea of when she what time of the day she would be doing her daily activities each day. 


Goddess circles are set for Thursdays, however, timing can be flexible to accomodate the majority of the group. 


There are also checklists each week of the activities, and a goal of meeting at least 80% of the activities during the week, to help keep participants on track. 


4. If a Goddess initiate completes the 12 week course and wants to do it again, re-do certain workouts or parts of the course again, would they need to pay for the course again? 


Participants who pay for the course have access to the course for a year, but the Goddess circles are available for to participants for the 12 weeks they are on course. 


4. What are the payment options for this course? 


The standard payment for this course is:


Deposit $324

+ $324/month for the 3 months of the course. 


Payments are made through Stripe - debit, credit card, or PayPal - 


If you have certain payment plan that would work best for you, 

Please fill out an application here, and have a phone call with Trinity to discuss that


Scholarships are available based on need  and must fill out a scholarship application

- but may only be on a limited basis or a waitlist 

please email - trinitywavedesigns.com for any questions about payments or scholarships