If you felt cursed by your weight, or have yo-yo dieted for years without consistent results, and want to find steadiness on your path towards health and happiness?

I have a ebook for you! 

Secrets to Sustainable Weight Loss E-book




In gym class, I was the kid that no one picked to be on their team because I was so heavy. I was the last kid out there shuffling the mile after everyone else was finished. 

I was the kid that was made fun of in class because of my weight. I got called names like: heavenly ham, cushion, and marshmallow. When I was 12 years old I weighed somewhere near 200 lbs, (I am now, 5’5” as a grown adult. Full disclosure: last time I weighed I was 145 lbs). 

In third grade, I remember looking around and thinking how strange it was that I was the heaviest child in the room.....


At the time of writing this e-book, I am 35 years old, I am healthy and fit; I can climb, dance, and run up the hill, no problem. 


I’m writing this book to impart some of the wisdom of sustainable weight loss that I have learned over those last 20 some-odd years, so that you can be ready for the path ahead, and look great while doing it.

Example of the Book

You can have this downloadable e-book for $7.77