Goddess Course - WEEK 12


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Photo Credit: photographer: David C. Greene

Congratulations on completing this 12 week online Embody your Goddess Course!

If you have made it this far, I am proud of the work you have done for yourself. I believe the effects of this powerful work can ripple out into the world....to empower others, friends, family, and our communities, possibly even the world. You are ready to move onto your next steps in this life, sister. You are blessed by all the Goddesses you encountered and Divine Feminine characters you have met throughout this journey.  And know that if you need help, you can  reach out to your facilitator, your divine sisters on this planet,and energetically connect the Goddesses from this course.

So many Blessings on your journey Divine sister. 


 Please complete the survey of the course, here.

This week's Homework: 

Take your final selfie of the course, in something you feel confident in - 

Post a before and after selfie on your social media with the hashtag #EmbodyourGoddess

Write a short testimonial for the 12 week online  "Embody Your Goddess" Course, including your experience, how you benefitted from this course - Fill this out here.

*You will also receive an email coming up to schedule a one on one wrap up call by phone or zoom - so be on the look out for that. Please fill out the survey, this will be a helpful tool for both parties to discuss what went well for you and what didn't for the course, so we can discuss that during the one on one. 


Thank you so much for joining this course and Congratulations.