Goddess Course Week 10 

Journal Prompt/ Ritual

The Moon,Hermit, and Seer


  • In the Tarot, the Hermit is The holder of the light through the darkness.

    The female version of this is the seer - the woman who looks inside the crystal ball to see the future. 

    This is the magic of clarity.  After weeks of meditating, journaling prompts, you have been gaining clarity. 

    This week you have the opportunity to deep dive within and connect to your own light of consciousness, 

    The light of your soul. 


    Just as there is dark and light, there is the night and the moon. The moon also connects us to our Divine feminine. I believe the Moon loves us, because she shines her light through the darkness so that we don’t live in darkness. 


    She tells us that we each have our own light within, the sacred heart fire. Even on our coldest and darkest night of the soul, we can let this light of our hearts shine. (In hard times, come back to love, your deepest calling, if you need to you even look at this pages to remind yourself of your sacred connections. 


    Get ready for meditation in a place you know you are safe and can go deep within. 

    Tune out distractions for at least 20-40 min, get comfortable with your journal and your pen/pencil nearby. 


        • Ritual


        • (Set 20 min. On a timer)
        • When you are ready, say the following: 


          I am truth

          SAT NAM

          (In Sanskrit it translates to Truth is my name)


          I am connecting to my highest truth 


          I can let go of all the worldly ideas of what it is to be me 

          And allow myself to connect to my spirit fully

          and embrace this truth of my spirit


          I am open to receiving guidance, light, and any information 

          From my spirit 

          That may help me on my path forward


          I am the intermediate between the spirit world and the physical world


          Meditate on these questions (can also say these aloud) 


          What is my role? 


          What is my Divine path?


          When 20 min is over journal over the following prompts 

          • Journal Prompts


            What messages have I brought back for myself?


            What could I possibly share with others? Or with this new information how could I possibly help others ?


            When you are down, you now hold the light for yourself to walk on your path


            And you can also share this light, to help others on their path. 


            Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 

            We are Rising Together