Goddess Course Week 9

Journal Prompt/ Ritual

Strength/ Lakshmi

  • Confidence/ Lakshmi


    Over the last 8 weeks of doing this physical, mental and spiritual work, hopefully you have been gaining confidence in your abilities, and seeing the positive changes in your life. 

    Maybe you feel lighter, may you see more definition in your core, maybe your mind is more clear. 


    However these changes are showing up for you in your life, honor that now. You are in the right place at the right time. And I’m so glad for you. 


    With all this confidence and love you’ve been building over the past 8 week, you are ready to start receiving the gifts of Lakshmi. She is the Hindu goddess of wealth, having multiple arms. She flows magnanimous and radiant with source energy. For every step you have taken on your journey, you have taken a step towards her, and she has has taken a step towards to you until this meeting. 

        • Ritual


          As you gaze upon her she is beautiful, vibrant, and strong. She have four long elegant arms that holds an item in hand.  She begins to speak to you, her voice is strong and deep. 


          Today, I have brought for you gifts of unimaginable wealth, which can be yours if you so choose. 


          She outstretches her bottom left, which she holds in her hand a glowing golden ball about the size of an apple. And says to you, “For you my dear, I bestow onto you the gift of a bodily wealth. Your body is strong, flexible and radiant with love and beauty. She hands you the golden ball, and you gracefully hold this golden ball close to you and feel freedom in your body. You then put your golden ball in your sacred container (purse, backpack, etc). 


          “For my next gift”…. she outstretch her right bottom arm she hold a beautiful silver curved sword. It glimmers in the light as she speaks, “I now bestow to you the gift of a clear and discerning mind. A mind that cuts through illusion, delusion, deception, to reveal only clarity and truth. Use this sword to stay mentally sharp and train your mind to cut through all that is not your truth.” She bows her head and you take the sword. Take the handle, it fits perfectly in your hand, feel it’s weight, it’s not too heavy or too light, and you are excited to practice with it. 


          Lakshmi says, “I have 2 more gifts for you beloved if you are ready for them.”


          She outstretches her top left arm, and in it she hold a large golden lotus metal headdress adorned with 5 wicks atop each petal of the lotus. She tells you, “I bestow the gift of spiritual wealth…for with it you now hold a light in the darkness, which can help others light their path as well”. You gaze upon it, noticing its beauty and perfection.  Lakshmi says, “When you are ready Beloved, I can place upon your crown” 


          You breathe and are open to accepting this beautiful gift from the Divine.  When you are ready, you say “yes, please”, as you kneel before her.  Lakshmi slowly places the Golden Lotus Fire Headdress to fit your head securely and when she has finished. You touch it atop your head, and you feel glorious and regal. 

          You hold your crown steady, and slowly bow to Lakshmi for this beautiful gift. 


          She says, “I have one more gift for you, but only if you so choose it as yours. Seeing as if you already have all of the bodily, mental and spiritual wealth, you wonder, what else could there be? 


          Lakshmi outstretches her upper right arm to you, and it is a a beautiful golden skeleton key with a heart as the handle of it.  She says, “I bestow to you the key to riches of your choosing. The key here is the choice. You could choose a home, a car, money, a successful business. Choose it. It will be yours. Unlock your heart and allow the riches of the world to flow to out. 


          Your heart instantly connected to the key and you feel more open hearted near it. 


          You say, “I’m ready.” Lakshmi tells you “Then it is yours to do with what you choose.” She gently places it your hand and softly wraps your fingers around the key so you can feel it. And then she says, “there is power in choice. You breathe into your hand as you hold the key and feel your heart pulse within your hand.  You feel strength, love, and connection to your own power. And when you are ready you add it to your own key ring. 


          Lakshmi has one more surprise for you, Beloved. 


          As you bow one last time to one another, Lakshmi and you have become one. You realize that you are now Lakshmi, goddess embodied, you hold all your gifts in your divine in hands and wear your Divine crown as source energy flows through you. You feel vibrant.  You hold a lighter in your top left hand, and you use to it light your own headdress. You rejoice and dance in your fire headdress. 


          In this moment, feel the strength, beauty and power of all that you are and are always connected to Beloved. 


          Bringing both sets of hands to heart center, bow to the universe for these incredible gifts and miracle that your life is now. 


          Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 


          Coming back slowly Beloved. 


          Please write down anything you’d like to remember from this experience. 


          Then do a short grounding exercise afterwards, coming to Childs pose and breathing or connected your bare feet and hands to the ground. 

        • We are rising to our own Divinity: Together.