Goddess Course Week 11

Journal Prompt/ Ritual

The Mother, Maiden, Crone (and the Moon)


Week eleven: ending of a cycle - The Mother, Maiden, Crone, and the Moon 

        • This week with magic number eleven, we will rise together as women of the moon. Many ancient cultures have connected women to the moon.  There are multiple cycles of life that women go through like the cycles of the moon. 
    • Young women hit puberty and begin ovulation.  The new Moon.  Women who get pregnant have successfully fertilized an egg.  The Full Moon.  As women get into late 40's or early 50s they reach menopause, where ovulation stops. Waning Moon.   
    • Moon cycles which flow through its phases every 28 days, which is the same length of time as the average woman’s menstral cycle.  The root of the word “menstral” comes from the Latin or Greek words for moon (mene) and month (mensis).  
    • Circles seem to connect to both the body of the Mother and the shape of the moon in its fullness.  And like the circle of life, there is a beginning, middle, and end. The maiden, the mother, and the crone.  The maiden archetype is playful, curious, eager to learn and grow. The mother is more mature, loving, caring, and strong; she is able to connect to emotions, voice, and body to set healthy boundaries for herself and those whom she needs to protect. The crone is wise and seeks to share her wisdom with whom it may help - in the wise woman way.
          • Ritual

                • ÔüâRitual: A circle within circle, within a circle. 
                      • Imagine the ocean within your own womb, its waters healthy and nourished from all the Goddess work you’ve done until this moment. 
                      • Then imagine a imagine if all women stood around the ocean of our planet holding hands creating a giant circle, and we all begin to chant OM together. The sacred sound that symbolizes the beginning, middle, and the end. 
                      • Imagine: 
                      • OMming together to energetically connect  to the great oneness of womanhood 
                      • OMming to our sacred lands that are beautiful
                      • OMming to our sacred waters that carry and support all life on the planet
                      • OMming to the moon and all of its phases
                      • OMming to honor the first woman, all women, and the unborn women 
                      • may this OM connect us together like a thread of life so we may weave a beautiful tapestry together for humanity, our planet, and the future of human on this planet. 
                      • Practice OMming out loud, and continue OMming as you envision this
                      • once you are complete, imagine everyone brings their hands up together in cheers
                      • and you hug other women around you, and energetically they feel close to you, like the love of a Divine sister, a mother, or a grandmother would
                      • You are now apart of this Divine circle of women. a golden circle of light above your head allows you to feel more calm soothed and Divinely protected. 
                • Do a grounding ritual such as stretching, drinking water, breathing. And come back to your journal prompt

            • Journal Prompts


              • Now that you are part of the Divine women’s circle, answer this journal prompt 
              • what wisdom has you gained in your life that you  could share some with another woman or other woman? 
              • Next week is our final ritual

              We are Rising Together