Goddess Course Week 7

Journal Prompt/ Ritual

The Lovers - The Marriage

Humans are bipedal, meaning we have two sides.

Two arms, two legs, two eyes, yet we only see in unified vision.

Our legs and arms work together to help us walk, put away dishes, and create masterpieces of art. 

          • Within our nature is duality and aspects of both masculine and feminine. 
            • body  (fem) / mind (mas)
            • Earth (fem) /sun (mas)
            • water (fem) and fire (mas)
            • Although all these examples are two completely separate things but it is through the collaboration (the alchemy) of both together that has the power to create life, synergy, harmony. 
    • As I grew up, I lived dominantly ruled by the masculine aspects in my reality.  I lived in a lot of fear of my feminine aspects and didn’t feel connected to it until I was in high school.  I was a tom boy who felt like I had ugly duck syndrome.  It wasn't until after I began to connect to my feminine side that I really began to feel more balanced. I believe everyone has masculine and feminine aspects of their self, and to deny that is really to deny our own inherent nature. 
    • In yoga, this balanced connection of the masculine (shiva) and the feminine (shakti) within the self is the cause of kundalini rising.
    • Kundalini being the translation for physical and spiritual energy typically depicted as serpent energy spiraling up from the base of the spine.  According to Kundalini Yogic tradition they consider seven chakras or subtle energy centers in the body that the kundalini energy spirals around, starting from the root chakra at the base of pelvis and moving upward towards the crown chakra, connecting one to the spiritual world. 
    • In kundalini yoga, the goal of the yoga, is opening the crown chakra, union with the divine and the highest spiritual source, and the entire being is integrated, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; bringing profound meaning and purpose into life. New levels of Intimacy, communication and new creation.
          • Imagine the marriage of a great emperor and empress, both amazing in their own rights, coming together to create the union of a great collaboration. 
          • These last 6 weeks through the activities you've been completed, you have bringing these important aspects of your own divine masculine and feminine together to become whole within oneself to begin to allow you to see, feel and experience your own divinity in this lifetime. 
          • Please read the ritual below, and this week do your best to complete the ritual and the journaling practice associated to help integrate these divine aspects of the self together in harmony.
        • Ritual 

          • Try to complete the ritual on a sunny day when you are able to connect with the Earth
            • It will be potent to include these elemental aspects, and especially during the sunrise, or sunset), but if that’s not available to you, do it where you can. 
          • Sit down on the Earth, and lift your head towards the sky  
            • Connect the left (fem) palm and the right (mas) palm together softly in front the heart 
            • Connect to your soul’s calling from last week, and bring that intention into your mind and heart 
              • Then, internally ask your divine connection to the universe (source energy, the goddess, whatever you want to call it) to listen to your request. 
              • You can say, “I request that Earth, sky and the divine be witness to listen to  my soul’s calling.  
              • "My soul /spirit is calling for __________ in this lifetime, and I humbly ask to receive all I need to fulfill this request
              • I give thanks to Earth, sky, and the divine for listening to my soul’s deep request today. 
              • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. " 
                • Bowing your head to your hands in front of the heart. 
                • Sit and breathe for a few moments to integrate this practice into your being. 
        • Then write down if there was anything that came up for you during this practice.

          We are rising to our own Divinity: Together.