Goddess Course Week 2

Journal Prompt

High Priestess and the Shadow


The high priestess archetype is connected to divine intuition, which is our own inner knowing.  She can be a powerful director on our soul's path.  

Last week we journaled about our childhood.  As we matured, our parents, siblings, or society may have given us messages that told us that how we were being or acting was wrong, shameful, something to hidden rather than expressed.  Our high priestess mourns what you were told to hide about yourself, what others made you feel shameful for.  Sit in meditation for a few minutes, imagine traveling to your inner depths on a journey to meet your high priestess. She is a beautiful young maiden in a dark black robe who is strong yet sad. She weeps black mascara tears on the floor, and you come to her, and ask her, "Beautiful high priestess, why are on the floor, crying?" 

Allow yourself to connect with her energy, to be present with her pain, and open your heart to what she has to say" 

Allow her to pour her heart out of the ways she felt stifled, too much, ugly, scared, and alone. 

Take this in, she your inner truth, too. Allow her to cry and wail until she comes to completion. You can help her dry her tears, and hug her, thanking her for sharing what she has held onto for so long. 

She tells you that she feels better now, and wants to rest. You leave the dark palace, and come back to your body. 

Journal any important points that provided some new light about yourself, your past and yo ur own inner trauma. 

When you are done, drink water, allow yourself to do something that makes you smile, laugh or feel good about yourself.   

Thank yourself for doing this practice. This is healing work, and the more of us that heal our wounds, the more women are free, which creates a better world for all of us. 


We are Rising, together.