Goddess Course Week 6

Journal Prompt/ Ritual

Diana - The Archer 

This week we can connect to Diana, a goddess that came from mythology of Rome for inspiration for our next divine step forward. She was considered the Goddess of the Hunt.  My favorite depiction of Diana with bow drawn with the moon behind her.  She embodies a warrior spirit in feminine form.  She is connected to animals and the natural world.  The moon connects us our feminine energy and love. For it is the love of the moon that gives us light in the darkness. We need this fierce love for ourselves that we've cultivated last week in our self love practice to be able to open the path for our soul to move towards divinity. This weeks journal prompt connects us with Diana's fierce warrior energy to help us to open our path forward. 


Diana is going to give you an archery lesson. With her strong white bow she holds it up in her strong arms. She pulls an arrow out her quiver. She places in in the bow, and explains how to use this bow.  She tells you, "if you don't pull hard enough back on the string, then the arrow won't make it to the target.  If you pull too hard back, the bow could break.  Also, focus your aim, if you aim too low, the arrow won't make the target. Aim true. Pull back just enough to give your arrow a chance to find its target. 


    • As women need to be able to access both our love for ourselves, know what we truly want in life, and live with the spirit of warrior to be able to go after what we want. 

    Meditative Journaling:

    Last week’s self-love practice was important to get you feeling connected to your love. Now let’s take the next step. 

    • Diana is here now to assist you with the next part. She asks you to look into the target and asks your spirit to view the target for what it calling for in this lifetime. 
    • Write down the first question in your journal: and meditate on the answer for 10 min. 
      • Then set a timer, and just write what came up for you in your journal. 
    • 1. If I can love myself deeply, and look into my spirit, what is it that my soul is calling for in this life?
            • Imagine yourself holding Diana’s great bow as you sit in mediation for 10 min. 
            • If you need to reimagine Diana giving you another archery lesson you can. 
            • Diana now asks you how will begin to take your next best step in the direction of your souls calling? 
            • 2. Now write down: What is my next best step in the direction of my living my life on purpose?
              • When 10 min. is over write down your most important messages that lead you to this next step.