Goddess Course Week 5

Journal Prompt/ Ritual

 Self- Love & The Empress

Practice: Loving the past, present and future goddess

  • The empress represents the divine feminine power. She holds her power in the power of love. She is inherently connected to the powerful magic of the Earth, water, wind, and fire. She is a mystic intermediary between the higher powers/spirit and the Earth. In this practice we connect to the goddess we are becoming by lovingly connecting within to our own past, present and future. 
  • Past - Inner child healing - write a short letter to your inner child about how you love her and how she can love herself. 
  • Present - Ritual - Take a bath or long shower and spend extra time caressing your skin with loving intention, after you get out of the shower, put lotion or oil on your body, practicing self-love and gratitude. 
  • Future - Write a short letter to your future goddess who has completed this 12 week course thanking her for who she has become through this process. If you want to list her characteristics you can. If you want to draw her you can. 


Thank yourself for doing this self-love practice. By doing this practice, you imbue your whole world with more love, and the world is a better place. You are more able to bring love into your relationships, conversations, and surroundings. 

By practicing self-love, We are Rising.