Goddess Course Week 4

Journal Prompt

Anger and Forgiveness

          • Write down your most traumatic events or memories that still leave you feeling some anger. 
            • After your writing practice, you can either take this writing to a secluded place (unless you already live in a secluded place) and scream your anger out  (this is so you don’t alert all your neighbors and family mostly to think that someone is dying) . This is really great for wilderness areas or high up places like a mountain; it can be therapeutic.
              • Or if you can’t access that this week, then try screaming into a pillow (dampening the scream)
            • Later you can burn your writing in a ceramic bowl with your thoughts, - keep a separate bowl of water nearby for safety purposes
            • The following day after your screaming session, clean out your ceramic bowl that you burned the paper in, and put water in in, take out your journal and write the following prompts
            • Can I allow my heart to open up to the smallest amount of forgiveness to this person, situation or thing that hurt me? Meditate on this question for a few moments. If the answer is yes, then write:
              • I am opening my heart to forgiveness to ____(person, situation or thing) _____ . 
            • If you begin to cry to catch a tear in your water bowl, and then mix the water with your hand and wash your face with it. 
            • If there’s anything else of importance that comes up for you can write it down afterwards. 
              • By forgiving others we free them and free ourselves from this judgement, and this pain we have been holding onto.


    And just know that when you do these forgiveness practices, we can heal ourselves. 

    We are Rising, together.