Goddess Course Week 3

Kwan Yin and the Lotus of Compassion

                                                             Kwan yin - goddess of compassion, sacred water, and healing.  


  • Kwan Yin came from Eastern traditions, as female enlightened woman known for her great compassion.  In Korea, China, and Japan she is referred to as "Quan Yin".  It was told that Kwan Yin would transform water into healing water. She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness. As the Bodhisattva of Compassion, she has empathy for the cries of all beings. Last week, in meditative journaling, the prompts delved into the wounded aspects of the self that became hidden from the conscious mind. Whatever pain the high priestess experienced and shared with you, opened your wounds. Kwan yin has heard your cries too, sister, and now has decided to come to your side with gifts for your sacred healing.


After Ritual: 

              • Take a few moments to write about your experience with this meditation. 

              • Journal some important points that provided some new light about yourself 

          When you are done, drink water, allow yourself to find balance by connecting with the Earth or doing some light movements. 


          Thank yourself for doing this practice. This is healing work, and the more of us heal our wounds, the more of us are free,

          which creates a better world for all. 



    We are Rising, together.