Goddess Course Week 6

Welcome to Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 - We’re marking the halfway point of the Goddess course this week! Congrats! 

This week we can connect to Diana, a goddess that came from mythology of Rome for inspiration for our next divine step forward. She was considered the Goddess of the Hunt.  My favorite depiction of Diana with bow drawn with the moon behind her.  She embodies a warrior spirit in feminine form.  She is connected to animals and the natural world.  The moon connects us our feminine energy and love. For it is the love of the moon that gives us light in the darkness. We need this fierce love for ourselves, and that we've cultivated last week in our self love practice to be able to open the path for our soul to move towards divinity. This weeks journal prompt connects us with Diana's fierce warrior energy to open our path forward. 


Dream Body Affirmations - Link


Walking - 10 min


Ballet Drill -Link 


Fitness Dancing 2-  Link


Flow - 10 min