New Clients

Please communicate the locations of the water spigots, the nearest rest area or outdoor rest area for the artist to use, and communicate if there is a gate, and how best to arrive and depart in regards to the gate. 

If client has barking dogs, please keep dogs at bay away from the artist(s) while they are working.   

Additionally, if there are specific places the client would like used paint water to be disposed, please alert the artist before work is done, to be considered. 

 Generally the artist can clean up after a work session, if there are specific issues with cleaning, they can be brought up and discussed on how best to handle the cleaning. If the homeowner/property owner/renter has access to a dumpster or home use trash or recycling, the artist asks that a representative show the artist how and where to access use of trash/recycling facilities on site, if needed.

For logo clients, if the client does not respond to emails and phone calls for a certain period of time (5 days), the contract will become null and void and the final payment for work will become immediately due. There is no refund of deposit or payments already made in this case. 

Please fill out, initial each section, and sign the new client agreement